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Sod Installation

A&Q Landscape, Inc. is your premier source for exceptional sod installation and high-quality grass grown to perfection. We source each of our grasses from farmers who employ strict standards and are known for producing healthy, mature, and lush blades of green in a range of genetic varieties to suit your needs.

In addition to this, our sod grass installation teams are hand-selected, trained rigorously, and come equipped with the right tools, materials, and equipment to make your yard transformation a complete success.

Connect with our industry-leading sod contractors to schedule a free consultation. Dial (630) 746-9422 to get started today.

To Lay Sod Best: Start by Choosing the Right Materials

While many sod companies settle for sod that has been rolled, is dry, and of lower quality, we stand apart from the rest in our commitment to laying sod best. For this reason, we use only fresh and mature grasses that are recently cut into square mats that are ready to use.

Our high standards ensure you’re getting live grass with the highest likelihood of establishing an excellent root system on your property. Some of our criteria for selecting the best sod include:

  • Soil attached to sod mats measures around one inch in thickness and no more.
  • There is no compaction or drying, which leads to crumbling.
  • The grass has been fertilized adequately throughout its lifetime.
  • The grass has reached the correct maturity and is not over or undergrown.
  • Harvesting time is within 8 hours of installation to ensure moisture retention and proper rooting.

A complimentary consultation would allow us to explore your goals and identify the best types of grass for your property. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to book an appointment at the most convenient time for you.

Sod Preparation: Yard Preparation for Sodding Success Every Time

When the goal is to install a fresh yard perfectly the first time, you’ll need landscaping experts who are well-versed in sod preparation.

Yard preparation for sodding typically includes the following steps:

  • Moistening the area with water and applying approved weed control products.
  • Soil prep: This can consist of fertilization and adding more topsoil to a depth of 6 inches.
  • Soil testing to ensure conditions are ideal for rooting to take place.
  • Depending on your soil test results, the mineral conditions and pH level may need to be adjusted. We use specific fertilizers or lime and, in some cases, another layer of topsoil to ensure rooting conditions are just right.

Streamlined Lawn Installation

On lawn installation day, your soil will already be prepped and ready to receive fresh sod that is harvested no less than 8 hours prior. Then, our technicians work with great speed and accuracy to deliver pristine results that ensure you’re getting the gorgeous green space you desire and your elevated expectations are completely satisfied.

Your Go-To Sod Contractors

A&Q Landscape, Inc. is best known for being the reliable sod contractor you can trust for excellent results, top quality, and unbeatable service.

Dial (630) 746-9422 to book a free consultation.

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